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Corporate Cards

UniCredit Bank provides its clients with Visa International and MasterCard International corporate payment cards. These cards simplify the procedure for payment and accounting for travel, business, entertainment and other expenses as well as reduce the workload of employees in the accounts office by saving them the need to disburse cash which is then subject to subsequent accounting.

Corporate cards issued by UniCredit Bank mean:

  • a multi-purpose payment instrument for goods and services provided by hotels, restaurants and travel agencies around the world
  • the option of getting cash at ATMs (cashpoints) and branches of the bank
  • no need to declare imported and exported cash at the customs
  • safety in the event that a card is lost, it can be blocked in a few minutes
  • the option of getting cash urgently or of replacing the card in the event that it is lost abroad

The Bank provides cardholders with a detailed statement of the transactions on their card on a monthly basis. Information on the available balance on the card can be obtained at UniCredit Banks ATMs as well as by phone using the Telephone Bank system.

UniCredit Bank cardholders have at their disposal the 24/7 Card Center, which will answer any enquiries related to card use, block a lost card, or arrange for emergency services to be provided to holders.
UniCredit Bank has its own processing center to ensure that its cards and ATMs experience smooth and fault-free working and that transactions and settlements on cards are handled promptly.

Conditions of Card Issue

To obtain a card, an application should be submitted to the bank in the established form. The card is issued in the name of an individual an employee of the company who becomes the cardholder. At the same time, the Bank opens an account in the name of the client for transactions using the card (the card account).

Card accounts for transactions with Visa cards may be opened in rubles, Euro and U.S. dollars. Accounts for transactions with MasterCard International cards may also be opened in Euro, as well as in U.S. dollars and rubles. This makes it possible to avoid losses related to rate differences when making transactions in the Euro area.