If you are interested in opportunity to operate and control your accounts from any place all over the world ó Online banking is definitely what you need. Online banking is a Web-Client enabling the Company to control accounts within IMB via Internet, using friendly bilingual Russian-English interface.

1. Advantages of Online banking:

  • installation and instructing free of charge;
  • †signing of payment documents from several PCs in different locations (in Russia and abroad) possible.

2. Security of Online banking is achieved by:

  • encoding of all delivered information;
  • using of electronic signature (a digital analogue of the autographic signature) on each document send to the bank;
  • meeting all modern requirements of data safety.

3. Online banking offers a wide range of banking services:

  • statements;
  • debit and Credit advices;
  • currency exchange rates;
  • domestic payments;
  • currency conversion;
  • other types of transactions can be proceeded in form of free format orders (letter with a file attached).

To start working with Online banking you need to do the following:

†1. Conclude the agreement on rendering banking services to clients via ďOnline bankingĒ system at one of IMB branches.
†2. Get cryptographic protection facilities distributive and digital analogue of autographic signatures for each authorized person.
†3. Install cryptographic protection facilities on your PC.
†4. Set up an Internet connection.
†5. Input necessary passwords and start using the system (please refer to user manual for full description).

You can use any data medium to store your digital analogue of autographic signature.