Corporate social programmes

UniCredit Bank pursues charity work in several socially important spheres, helping people with disabilities, purchasing equipment and medicines for health institutions, improving the quality of life of war and labour veterans, supporting the long-term programmes of charitable foundations and helping people affected by accidents and natural disasters.

Help for war veterans and the elderly

UniCredit Bank has long-term relationships and provides regular assistance to a number of veteran organizations, including the Russian Public Foundation for Veterans (Pensioners) of War, Labour and the Armed Forces and the Moscow Committee of War Veterans. Thanks to the support of the Bank, these organizations have carried out programmes of assistance to lonely and seriously ill veterans, and organized a number of concerts.

Help for children

Art therapy programme

UniCredit Bank has taken part over many years in a programme of art therapy for children with disabilities. In 2016, the programme was extended to children undergoing treatment at the Burns Center of the Speransky Children’s Hospital and the Psychoneurological Children’s Hospital, as well as to children receiving support under social and cultural programmes run by the Wings for All Foundation in the cities of Tula and Vladimir, the Sunflower Charity Foundation and the Centre for Therapy and Education in Moscow.

The programme creates communication and creativity groups that help in the socialization, adaptation and social integration of children and adolescents with special needs. Various presentations and performances are organized for children in hospitals, and psychological assistance is provided. The positive emotions, which sick children experience in art therapy classes, help them to deal with and respond to treatment, provide respite from the hospital environment, and promote recovery.


Bright Day

The Bright Day charity events held annually by UniCredit Bank in partnership with the Sunflower Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children with immune-system deficiencies. The action draws attention to the need for diagnosis and treatment of primary immune-system deficiency in Russia. Bank employees mark the occasion by coming to work in bright clothes and taking part in colourful presentations and shows. A collection box for contributions to the Sunflower Foundation is installed at the Bank’s head office on Prechistenkaya Embankment in Moscow at the time of the action.


Assistance to hospitals and health charities

UniCredit Bank helps hospitals to purchase expensive medical equipment and supports various rehabilitation programs. Long-term Russian charity programmes to help people with health-related impairments, which are supported by the Bank, include: In the Name of Life, Old Age with Dignity, United Way, the Vera Hospice Charity Foundation and Sunflower. The Bank's branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg have charity boxes to collect donations for Children's Villages-SOS, which works to rehabilitate and to provide leisure and education to orphans and children who have lost their families. 


Charity fairs

For many years now the Bank has held charity fairs at its offices in Moscow, at which leading children’s charities sell souvenir products to raise money for their causes. All proceeds go to help children in need. Three such fairs were held in 2016, raising money for the following charities: Life as a Miracle, Circle, In the Name of Life, In Your Hands and the Centre for Therapy and Education.


Giving from the Heart

Since 2004 UniCredit Bank has had its own intracorporate charity programme, called “Giving from the Heart”, in which bank employees can make their own personal donations to help anyone in trouble.  In 2016 Bank employees raised funds through the programme for various projects, including purchase of goods for orphans for the beginning of the school year, assistance to children at the Burns Centre of the Speransky Hospital, and an initiative by Children's Villages-SOS to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Italy.


The “You Can Help” competition for best charity ideas

UniCredit Bank has provided a total budget of 2,500,000 rubles to implement the top five projects submitted by bank employees in an annual competition for charity ideas. The jury consisted of senior Bank managers and the heads of well-known Russian charities. In 2016, the competition received 67 applications from which 5 winning projects were selected. All of them were implemented in a short period of time.


The Prospects Regional Foundation for People with Disabilities  

The Prospects Foundation was established in 1997 and is now among leading organizations that stand up for the rights of people with disabilities in Russia. The Foundation has an employment department that works with large companies, helping young people with disabilities to find a role in the business world, and helping their future employers and colleagues to understand the needs and potential of people with disabilities.

UniCredit Bank has been successfully cooperating with Prospects for several years, selecting candidates with disabilities to work at the Bank and helping in the process of their adaptation in the workplace.

The Bank is also working to create an accessible environment at its offices, so that both employees and customers with disabilities can work at the Bank’s premises without difficulty. A video presentation on this theme has been prepared, featuring the Director of the Bank’s Human Resources Department, Gianluca Totaro.

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