UniCredit Bank encourages volunteering by its employees for charity causes. The Bank also works with its employees to encourage healthy lifestyle, develop donor programmes and highlight environmental issues. 

Current projects and actions

Charity runs

Since 2010 UniCredit Bank has been a partner of the 5275 Charity Run, which raises money for the Life Line and United Way charities. More than 200 bank employees and their relatives took part in the marathon in 2016. Also in 2016 the UniCredit Bank branch team in Ufa (Urals Region) took part in the Sport for Good charity run, organized by the CoOperate NGO and the WE TOGETHER Inclusive Centre for Families and Children. The Sport for Good charity run is held annually to raise funds to help children and families living with Downs syndrome.

Donor Day

Blood donation is vital for the successful treatment of children with oncological and hematological diseases. The Bank held its third annual Donor Day in 2016 jointly with the Give Life charity and 160 Bank employees gave blood. The blood was passed to the Rogachev Children’s Hospital for Hematological, Oncological and Immunity Disorders.

Volunteer Day

UniCredit Bank supports voluntary participation by its employees in environmental work. In July 2016, several of the Bank's employees donated a day’s labour at the tree nursery of the Losiny Ostrov National Park in Moscow. The volunteers removed weeds, trimmed bushes and prepared firewood for heating at the nursery’s eco-centre.

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