History of AO UniCredit Bank


UniCredit Bank founded in Moscow on October 19 as International Moscow Bank (IMB), registered by USSR State Bank of on October 20; first bank in Russia (USSR) with majority foreign ownership.


IMB licensed by Central Bank of Russia (CBR) to conduct foreign currency transactions.


First branch of IMB officially opens in St Petersburg.


Official opening ceremony and presentation of new IMB building at 9 Prechistenskaya Embankment, Moscow.


IMB merges with Bank Austria Creditanstalt (Russia), subsidiary of Bank Austria Creditanstalt (Vienna, Austria); united bank retains International Moscow Bank name.


After merger of UniCredit Group and HVB Group, UniCredit becomes IMB shareholder.


IMB and Avtoframos (official Renault representative in Russia) together with RCI Banque (official bank of Renault-Nissan alliance) launch loan program for new car purchases.


At May 11 AGM, IMB shareholders change IMB’s brand to UniCredit Bank; in July Bank Austria Creditanstalt (Vienna, Austria) becomes full IMB owner (100% of voting shares); on December 20 International Moscow Bank officially changes its name to ZAO UniCredit Bank, receives CBR General License No.1 for banking operations.


UniCredit Bank becomes the largest foreign bank in Russia by total assets according to Interfax-100 ranking based on the Q3 2008 results.


UniCredit Bank network expanded to 100 branches and representative offices, including a representative office in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.


UniCredit Bank helps organize UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour, presented by UniCredit, in Russia; UniCredit Bank presents «People and the City» exhibition, including paintings from UniCredit Bank art collection and UniCredit collection.


UniCredit Bank opens new office at Nagatino i-Land in Moscow.


UniCredit Bank achieves net profit of 24.1 billion rubles, largest in its history.


UniCredit Bank celebrates its 25th anniversary. 

On 24 December 2014 the Bank received Changes No. 1 to the Bank’s Charter as officially registered by the Bank of Russia. According to the document, the Bank changed its name to Joint Stock Company UniCredit Bank (AO UniCredit Bank). The Bank received the General License for banking operations № 1 of the Bank of Russia dated 22 December 2014.


UniCredit Bank was included in the List of Systemically Important Banks by the Bank of Russia based on the methodology established by Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 3737-U ‘On the Methodology for Determining Systemically Important Credit Institutions’, dated 22 July 2015.


UniCredit Bank stock goes under UniCredit S.p.A.direct control. An entry regarding the change of the sole shareholder was made to the AO UniCredit Bank’s ordinary shareholders’ register on October 24, 2016. As a result, 100% of the shares in the authorised share capital were transferred to UniCredit S.p.A.

The transaction was effected as part of transferring a number of CEE-based UniCredit Group subsidiaries which were formerly managed by UniCredit Bank Austria AG that operated as a sub-holding company under direct control of UniCredit S.p.A., the Group’s parent company.


UniCredit Bank celebrates its 30th anniversary

UniCredit Bank celebrates its 30th anniversary.


UniCredit Bank is now one of Russia’s largest commercial banks, offering a wide range of services to corporate and individual clients, small and medium enterprises, and finance and credit institutions.

UniCredit Bank is fully owned (100%) by UniCredit (UniCredit S.p.A.).

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