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UniCredit Bank decreases interest rates on cash loans: now from 11.9% per annum

UniCredit Bank introduces new rates for cash loans for new customers and for payroll customers. New customers can get a loan at 13.9% per annum, the loan amount — from 60 000 to 1 000 000 rubles, the term — up to 5 years.

The rate for payroll clients is 12.9% per annum, the maximum amount is 3 000 000 rubles, the term is up to 5 years.

Also, for customers who have loans in other banks, refinancing rates have been reduced to 11.9% per annum. The maximum amount is 1 000 000 rubles for new customers, 1 500 000 rubles — for payroll clients, the loan term — up to 5 years.


For all cash loans programs with voluntary life and health insurance program, a maximum term is 60 months, without insurance program — 84 months.

These rates are valid with voluntary life and health insurance program, without insurance program, the rates increase by 4 percentage points.

01.03.2018 - 09:15
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