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UniCredit Bank Awarded for Best Private Banking Customer Service in Russia

On October the 30th, 2018, Frank Research Group published the results of the survey Private Banking in Russia 2018. UniCredit Bank was awarded in the category Best Private Banking Customer Service in Russia.

“Private banking customers are very selective when choosing the bank, they pay special attention to the credit institution’s reliability, yet always expecting the highest service quality. UniCredit Bank has secured strong positions in both areas and Frank Research Group’s award reflects our private customers’ appreciation and loyalty”, says Kirill Zhukov-Emelyanov, Member of the Management Board. 

The survey was conducted in the period from June through October 2018. Frank RG analyzed performance of 11 banks operating in Russia. The survey included interviews with bankers and independent experts, polls, in-depth interviews with private banking customers, collection and analysis of products and services.

“We are very happy to earn this award. We view this award as a conclusive evidence of the customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our services and willingness to recommend us to their colleagues and friends, says Igor Ryabov, Head of UniCredit Private Banking Russia. Our bank pays a lot of attention to the implementation of advanced solutions in the international private banking services by using the best practices in its operations, which was once again duly appreciated by the market analysts”. 

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