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UniCredit Bank reduces the mortgage rate for customers who sign a loan agreement until December 29, 2017

In December, customers with mortgage approval in UniCredit Bank will be able to receive a 0.5% discount to the approved interest rate when signing a loan agreement until December 29, 2017 inclusive. The offer extends to customers who have received approval both before December 1 and after this day.

Discount is provided for the following programs:

  • «Loan for an apartment / cottage» (secondary market)
  • «Mortgage is Calling» (apartment in the secondary market with full mortgage insurance)
  • «Loan for an apartment / cottage in the primary housing market»
  • «Refinancing of mortgage loan»
  • «Targeted lending secured by an apartment / cottage»

In addition, this discount applies to the segment of customers «Firm decision»*.

Also, for all programs, there is still a discount to the interest rate depending on the loan amount and a discount under the refinancing program:

-0.25% for an amount from RUB 3 500 000 to RUB 4 999 999

-0.50% for an amount from RUB 5,000,000 to RUB 9,999,999

-0.75% for an amount from RUB 10,000,000

-0.20% in case of receiving additional funds in the amount from RUB 300 000, for buying or building of a house or apartment, major repairs or other inseparable improvement of house or apartment.

* The «Firm decision» customer segment includes customers who meet the following requirements: down payment of more than or equal to 40% (loan-to-value ratio 60% or less); «Hiring» type of employment (applies only to the borrower only, the form of income confirmation — «2-NDFL» or any form of confirmation for payroll clients of the Bank, the loan amount is less than or equal to RUB 5 000 000 for the Moscow region, the loan amount is less than or equal to RUB 2 000 000 for other regions, including St. Petersburg.

01.12.2017 - 09:00
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