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UniCredit Bank and Mastercard launched Work&Travel Mastercard® business cards with bonuses for purchases

Small and medium-sized enterprises can issue a Work&Travel Mastercard business card from UniCredit Bank with bonuses: 2.3% for purchases at OneTwoTrip for Business, 1% for other purchases. Bonuses can be exchanged for air, train tickets, hotels and other services at This is a new offer in the market of bank cards for business.

With a business card, you can pay expenses related to the company's business, receive cash to pay for business, travel and entertainment expenses, as well as make transactions in foreign currency that do not require registration of the contract.

The card holder is an employee of a company, an unlimited number of cards can be issued to one account, and all of them are provided free of charge with any package of financial services for small and medium enterprises. For each card, you can set and change individual limits.

“With a business card it is convenient to pay at gas stations, office supplies, restaurants, taxis and gifts to partners in order to receive bonuses. For booking tickets and hotels at OneTwoTrip for Business increased bonuses are accrued. For example, with monthly expenses of RUB 50 000 during a year you can save up for tickets to Barcelona. In addition a business card eliminates unnecessary accounting work. Any company or individual entrepreneur can get a card, there are no restrictions on business areas and business size,” says Oleg Chernyshov, head of Marketing and Segments Department of UniCredit Bank.

“It is important to note that this product for business combines the convenience of using a business card and online travel resource. When paying for purchases with Work&Travel Mastercard business card, in addition to bonuses, the company receives an excellent business travel expense management tool, which includes the ability to remotely process all the necessary documents for reporting,” says Jemal Agrba, commercial product sales director Mastercard in Russia.

With the new card, the owners and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises can also take advantages from Mastercard Business Bonus program. Thanks to the program, for card purchases bonuses from the payment system are accrued and can be exchanged for discounts with Mastercard partners.

Accounting for expenses on a business card should be kept the same way as with any other expenses.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs operating both individually and as part of a group of companies, with the annual revenue of a person or group of companies in which it belongs in the last two reporting years (according to official financial statements excluding intragroup turnover): - not more than 800 million rubles - in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg; - not more than 300 million rubles - in other regions.

02.04.2019 - 11:00
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