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Attention: Attempts of Coronavirus Fraud and Phishing Campaigns!

The health, well-being and safety of customers and employees is UniCredit Bank’s top priority.

The current period of the difficult situation caused by the spread of coronavirus is becoming a fertile environment for computer fraud and phishing campaigns. All news related to the coronavirus is on the spotlight, and intruders are trying to take advantage of this situation.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend you to pay special attention to all emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages or any other messengers, calls, etc. that contain information or requests related to the topic of coronavirus. There are phishing campaigns that can affect you.

Always remember that when UniCredit Bank sends you an email:

  • it always contains your first and last name;
  • your personal data, passwords or credit / debit card numbers are never requested.

Therefore, if you receive doubtful or suspicious messages that do not meet the above criteria, immediately notify your branch of the Bank, your relationship manager  or contact our customer service, and then delete these messages from your device.

We draw your attention to the fact that the sender address can be any address, even explicitly related to UniCredit Bank (it can contain any name of a legal entity associated with UniCredit Bank).

If you received such a message and mistakenly opened it, do not download the attachments, do not click on links inside the message and do not enter any credentials.

While working with remote banking system for corporate clients, please use the appropriate and faultless Client’s workplace, take all the necessary precautionary measures against unauthorized access to the Keys medium and keep the list of persons authorized to use the remote banking system up to date. In case of loss/compromise of the electronic signature key inform the Bank about it immediately by phone and/or in writing.

UniCredit Bank will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone's best interests and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders!

02.04.2020 - 15:00
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