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New debit card 4K Mastercard by UniCredit Bank for modern citizens with cashback up to 10%

UniCredit Bank launched a debit card 4K Mastercard with cashback up to 10% for expenses on taxi, car sharing, gas stations, parking, toll roads and public transport.

10% cashback - with a total amount of monthly purchases from 50 000 ₽
5% cashback - with a total amount of monthly purchases from 10 000 ₽ to 50 000 ₽
1% cashback - with a total amount of monthly purchases less than 10 000 ₽

Regardless of cashback size in these categories, 1% always returns for purchases in all other categories.

Holders of 4K Mastercard can transfer money without commission by card number to cards of any Russian banks and replenish 4K free of charge through the Mobile.UniCredit application. If necessary, you can always use qualified road assistance with the "Driver package". For example, car evacuation, fuel supply, damaged wheels replacement.

“4K Mastercard is a card for modern citizens who ride taxi, metro, buses, pay for parking and gasoline, use car sharing every day. These costs make up a substantial part of budget, so an increased cashback for them will become a noticeable receipt on card every month. The card can be used free of charge if monthly purchases amount to 10,000 rubles. We also added another bonus: we will double cashback for purchases in categories with increased accrual until June 30, thus it can reach 20%,” says Oleg Chernyshov, head of Marketing and Segments Department of UniCredit Bank.

You can withdraw cash from card with no fee at UniCredit ATMs in Russia and Europe and at partner ATMs: URALSIB Bank, Binbank, Moscow Credit Bank, Raiffeisenbank.

With 4K Mastercard many discounts and privileges from Mastercard partners also become available.

To get a card, just fill out an application.

04.04.2019 - 11:00
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