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UniCredit Bank becomes ACCA Approved Employer

AO UniCredit Bank has received ACCA Approved Employer Status. ACCA is an association, uniting financial, accounting and auditing experts. The status recognises and rewards UniCredit Bank’ quality finance staff training and development in accordance with the latest international standards.

In addition, it allows the Bank’s employees join the Association under simplified procedure as well as improve their skills using the programmes developed based on the world’s best financial practices.

Valentin Timakov, Head of HR Department of UniCredit Bank.

“ACCA accreditation is another achievement within our strategy aimed at strengthening the HR brand of UniCredit Bank. We focus on professional development of our employees by implementing the best international practices, and we are proud of a great expertise of our team. ACCA Approved Employer Status both means the recognition of the high Bank’s standards in professional training and development, and allows our employees take part in the association events to improve their skills and share their experience with other industry professionals.”

Vera Starodubtseva, FCCA, head of Russia’s representative office of ACCA:

“AO UniCredit Bank is a major player in the banking sector, and we believe that professional development contributes to strengthening this position. We appreciate that the leading players on the Russian market rely on us in professional development of their financial experts, and we always do our best to produce a win-win partnership, which is useful for every party. ACCA improves and updates its programmes on a regular basis, focusing on changes and market demands for financial experts. It is important for us that the knowledge we provide helps us resolve current business issues.”

Partnership with ACCA is an effective investment in professional development, which qualifies the company as a responsible employer with a strong HR brand. Over 7,200 employers throughout the world, including over 100 Russia-based companies, have already received ACCA accreditation. ACCA diploma is one of the most recognised ones in the professional community. The ACCA Approved Employer status can be received on a free-of-charge basis.

05.06.2019 - 11:00
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