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Updates in the Internet-bank and mobile application of UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank has updated the remote services. In the mobile application Mobile.UniCredit, you do not need to enter a session key to make conversions and transfers between your accounts and cards. This option can be activated in "Settings" - "Confirmation of transactions".

When going abroad, you can notify the Bank about it in "Settings" - "Operations abroad". Here you need to specify the country and travel dates to avoid blocking your card in order to minimize the risk of its unauthorized usage.

Finally, both in the mobile application and in the Internet-bank Enter.UniCredit the section "Transfers to card of other bank" is improved: the ability to save the details of sender or recipient's card is added, commission is calculated immediately after entering amount of payment and check can be sent to e-mail.

You can connect to Enter.UniCredit at or through the mobile application Mobile.UniCredit (available in App Store and Google Play). You only need a UniCredit Bank card to subscribe to these services.

06.07.2017 - 12:00
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