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UniCredit Bank acted as a settlement bank for 7 Lives Charity Concert

UniCredit Bank has acted as a settlement bank for the charity concert 7 Lives which took place in Olympiysky Sports Complex on 06 September under the auspices of the Moscow Government. The stories of outstanding people with disabilities who encourage and make us believe that everything is possible by their own example were united in the event.

To support each of these 7 heroes participating in the event, AO UniCredit Bank issued personal cards for them. The cards were used to deposit the funds raised by the event organisers through ticket sales, and the donations made by individuals in the course of the event. The funds were collected using the card2card technology for the benefit of a certain participant at the dedicated website (operates till 23:59 Moscow time on September 7, 2018). 

“The charity work of UniCredit Bank covers a number of socially critical areas, providing the aid to people with disabilities is one of them, that is why we were happy to support this initiative and partner as a settlement bank,” comments Victor Nosov, Head of  Multi Channel Department at UniCredit Bank. “In collaboration with our partners, we prepared a platform which was adjusted specifically for the event and enables to transfer funds with no commission from your personal card to a card of the participant, thus ensuring the targeted support for the participant whose story touched you most of all.”

This event was organised by famous YouTube bloggers: Amiran Sardarov (Dnevnik Khacha), Andrey Afonin (Afonya TV), Nikolay Sobolev, Dmitry Portnyagin (Transformator), Ida Galich, Dima Maslennikov and Big Russian Boss. Star guests: Basta, Matrang, Mot, Feduk, Elena Temnikova, Sasha T-Killah, Anton Belyaev and Therr Maitz. The hosts of the concert were Mikhail Galustyan and Anna Mikheeva. 

07.09.2018 - 15:00
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