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International card transfers are now available in UniCredit Bank

Transferring money from card to card is now fast and easy not only within Russia, but also abroad. Card-to-card transfers are available in the mobile application, Enter.UniCredit and at the Bank’s website.

«Card-to-card transfers within Russia is usual and standard operation. From now on, our customers can perform card-to-card transfers into 25 countries. We work on expansion of the list of countries, and we are researching the possibility of making transfers from foreign banks cards. And of course we keep on developing remote channels, taking into account our clients feedback about their personal customer experience», – says Victor Nosov, Director of the Multichannel Department.

Money are transferred to card mostly in less than a minute. However, in some cases the term for execution of operation can take up to 3 working days.

Please take into account that currency of the operation is always Russian rubles. If the card account is in other currency, the conversion is made according to the payment systems rules and the payer / beneficiary bank.

Information about commission and limits of transfers is always displayed before the transaction confirmation.

The payer’s card issuing bank may charge an additional commission for such transactions, especially if this card is a credit card. We recommend that you clarify the information on the rates at the bank from which you are debiting the funds.

20.06.2018 - 15:00
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