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Free replenishment of UniCredit Bank cards and reduced fees for transfers from one card to another

From February 15 till April 15, 2017 as part of seasonal campaign “Transfers from card to card 2017” no fee is charged for UniCredit Bank cards replenishment from cards of other banks through the mobile app Mobile.UniCredit. The maximum amount of one replenishment - 75 000 rubles.

Also during this period the commission for all other transfers by card number via remote services of UniCredit Bank is reduced. The commission is 1.2% + 35 rubles. Limit of transfers amount with participation of other banks cards is increased from 50 000 rubles to 75 000 rubles.

For transfers between UniCredit Bank cards there is no commission. Maximum transfer amount is 50 000 rubles.

To transfer money you only need card number of recipient. Transfers are made instantly (in rare cases, the enrollment period can be up to 3 days, depending on the bank).

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