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UniCredit Bank starts issuing en elite card, World Elite MasterCard®, jointly with Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts

This card became the first co-branding product of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts, and a commercial bank.

AO UniCredit Bank, MasterCard payment system, and Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts are presenting World Elite MasterCard®, a new card of UniCredit Bank for clients of UniCredit Private Banking1. This card combines the advantages of a premium card product with the opportunities of “Pushkin Museum’s Friends” programme.

The design of the UniCredit Bank’s new card, World Elite MasterCard, was based on one of the masterpieces from the collection of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts, the painting by Vincent van Gogh “Seascape at Saintes-Maries” (1888).

UniCredit Bank’s World Elite MasterCard was specially designed for clients of UniCredit Private Banking. The card gives numerous advantages to its holder: access to a wide range of non-standard financial services including an increased limit for ATM cash withdrawal, 10% cashback at restaurants worldwide, insurance coverage of up to 800 thousand euros for travellers, Quintessentially2 concierge service, gratuitous issue of Priority PassTM card granting the right of free access to business and VIP halls in airports worldwide, unique impressions and privileges under MasterCard Priceless Cities programme, and many other additional privileges.

Alongside with financial privileges, the new card also includes the advantages of “Pushkin Museum’s Friends” loyalty programme. For example, a card holder has the opportunity to visit all exhibitions and the permanent exposition of the Museum without a ticket and not waiting in line, attend “Fridays at Pushkin Museum” on the same terms, tour exhibitions before the Museum opens for the public3, get invitations to special events for Pushkin Museum’s Friends, etc.4

“For the first time in history of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts, we are launching “Pushkin Museum’s Friends” programme, jointly with UniCredit Bank. Currently, the Museum dynamically develops and renews, opening for itself new forms of interaction with our audience,” Marina Salina, Deputy Director for Economy at Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts, says. “We sincerely hope that our common initiative would run and run, and holders of the cards of UniCredit Bank would become frequent guests of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts.”

“UniCredit Bank is actively developing the line of premium card products for clients of Private Banking”, Igor Ryabov, Head of Private Banking Department at UniCredit Bank, says. “And we are honoured to have one of the largest museums in Russia making the first product of this kind jointly with our bank. The new card with the picture from the collection of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts harmoniously complements the line of our premium cards dedicated to various art movements. Our clients highly appreciate the combination of original design with vast opportunities provided by our premium cards, and this product is another example of successful cooperation between a financial institution and a large museum for the benefit of their clients and visitors.”

“MasterCard and AO UniCredit Bank have a history of fruitful cooperation containing quite a few memorable pages dedicated to exclusive products for Private Banking. Over the years, we have also formed a fine tradition of using themes of outstanding works of art in the design of these premium cards. This imparts a special style to the card itself, in addition to its unconditionally valuable financial content, and the list of advantages,” Alexey Reshetilov, MasterCard Sales Director in Russia, comments. “We are happy that, this year, one of the most respected Russian museums is part of the creative union, and we are pleased to present World Elite MasterCard, a new card of UniCredit Bank, which, we believe, would give priceless moments to its happy holders.”

The new bank card of UniCredit Bank, World Elite MasterCard®, has become the third original card in the premium line which UniCredit Private Banking offers to clients in Russia. In 2012, the Bank offered, to its clients, World Elite MasterCard with the basis for design formed by one of the key works from the art collection of UniCredit Bank, “Tzar’s Courtiers” by well-known Russian painter K.K. Chebotarev. In 2014, a card was issued with the design based on a work by Marina Goryacheva, finalist of “Priceless City” contest for young painters organised by UniCredit Private Banking, MasterCard, and Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.

Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts is one of the Russia’s largest collections of foreign art from the earliest times to the present day. The today’s exposition includes a vast educational collection of tinted plaster casts of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance works, and a collection of original paintings, sculptures, works of graphic arts as well as decorative and applied arts. 

1 UniCredit Private Banking

2 OOO Quintessentially Russia,

3 Visiting the exhibitions before the Museum opens for the public: once a month, on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:00; the dates are announced on the website, and in the newsletter

4 A full list of the opportunities is available on the official website of Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts

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