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UniCredit Bank Celebrates 15 Years of Operations in Voronezh

UniCredit Bank is celebrating the anniversary of its presence in Voronezh where the Bank opened its representative office 15 years ago to service major companies of the Central Black Earth region. The representative office was transformed into a full-featured branch as early as within two years, in 2005. Today, the Voronezh Branch services customers in the Voronezh, Lipetsk, and Belgorod Regions and fosters business relations with major enterprises in the Tambov and Orel Regions.

“The Bank’s history in Voronezh started with the Representative Office where as few as three persons were employed at that time. Two of them, including myself, are still with the Bank,” says Vitaly Minakov, Branch Manager of UniCredit Bank Voronezh branch. “Over 15 years of our operation, we have become a reliable financial partner for many customers in our region and this partnership is based on long-term trust relationships and our striving to find optimum solutions for achieving our customers’ goals. This can be attested to by the fact that we have been cooperating with many companies virtually since the time when the Bank first came to the region. Meanwhile, we are taking energetic effort to attract new customers from amongst the companies of high potential thus expanding our customer base every year.”

The Bank’s corporate portfolio is highly diversified and comprises the representatives of various sectors starting from furniture and timber housing up to agriculture and food industry. Demand for documentary products is consistently high, including letters of credit widely used for foreign machinery and equipment supplies and guarantees used for tenders or to secure repayment of advance payments and performance of contracts. Considering the Bank’s international status and high ratings, our guarantees and letters of credit are accepted all over the world, which is convenient for our customers and their international partners.

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of financial products to retail customers: deposits, cash loans, mortgage loans, car loans, unit-linked life insurance, and banking packages. “We are happy that our products and services are popular with the customers. On our part, we are keeping a close eye on the market in all areas and are continuously developing interesting offers. Furthermore, we are working closely with small and medium business, including lending of investment projects in the region. In this segment, the share of investment loans amounts to 70% of our credit portfolio. These are not just cold hard figures — we see that banking products help our customers grow, develop, and break fundamentally new grounds,” says Andrey Kolesov, Deputy Branch Manager of the Branch, Director for Commerce of the Volga Region, AO UniCredit Bank.

UniCredit Bank’s long-term objectives in the region include preservation and strengthening of leading position in the banking market and continuous effort to enhance the quality of offered products and customer service. Besides, the Bank will pay special attention to the promotion of remote service channels to respond to the present-day requirements of the market.

15.11.2018 - 09:00
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