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UniCredit Foundation Extends Support Worth of € 45,000 to Russian Social Projects

Under the Call for Europe 2019: Supporting Childhood initiative, UniCredit Foundation extended support worth of € 45,000 to four charity projects implemented by Russian foundations.

The initiative was announced in December 2019. Pursuant to UniCredit Foundation’s strategic plan, it focuses on the funding of projects intended to support children needs. The total volume of charity support extended by the Foundation amounted to € 500,000 and was distributed among foundations and non-profit organisations in the countries of UniCredit Group’s presence. In compliance with the initiative regulations, every country had an opportunity to bring a short list of five charity projects before the Foundation Evaluation Committee.

Giannantonio De Roni, Secretary General UniCredit Foundation: “UniCredit Foundation is proud to support the charity projects promoted by UniCredit colleagues in all Countries where the Group operates. The cooperation with UniCredit Bank Russia is a way to listen to the needs of the local communities and to be close to the people. The support of the Russian colleagues, their sensitivity and their feedback have been extraordinary and allowed UniCredit Foundation to support truly deserving projects”.

On 15 April, the Evaluation Committee announced the winners that were selected by reference to the following criteria: relevance and social salience along with mid-term and long-term prospects of the projects. The list of Russian grant-winners includes Konstantin Khabensky’s Charity Foundation, Hospice Charity Fund “Vera”, Downside Up Charity Foundation, and Russian Disability NGO “Perspektiva”.

The programme of support for healthcare institutions implemented by Konstantin Khabensky’s Charity Foundation is intended to improve the infrastructure for those departments of the Russian health centres that treat children suffering from brain cancer. Over 75 supplies of hi-tech medical equipment and consumables have been received by 10 health centres of Moscow and St. Petersburg under the programme over the time since it was launched. This made it possible for the little patients to receive a better-quality medical care with less pain and fear. The Foundation is planning to use the grant of € 11,000 that it has earned to purchase joint training apparatuses for upper and lower limbs to be transferred to the rehabilitation department for patients suffering from central nervous system (CNS) disorders of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. The apparatuses are necessary to address such problems as palsies and contractures most common in children suffering from brain cancer. Annually, the rehabilitation department admits over 100 new little patients suffering from this disease.

Yet another grant of € 11,000 was awarded to Hospice Charity Fund “Vera” for the “Rescue Kit” project intended for the children under its care. The Fund supports families with incurable children all over Russia. 20 families with such children are supposed to receive medical monitoring and first-aid apparatuses for respiratory problems. The set comprises a pulse oximeter for continuous pulse and blood saturation tracking, respiratory tract cleaning aspirator, and Ambu-bag for temporary artificial ventilation along with the consumables for this equipment. This will make it possible for children to stay home with their parents instead of staying in the resuscitation department, as parents will be able to handle medical emergencies. The basic set is the first thing to be delivered to the families with critically-ill children after they join the Fund’s ongoing support programme.

Remote psychological, instructional, and methodological assistance to families with kids under 7 years of age suffering from the Down syndrome that is extended by the Downside Up Charity Foundation was supported with a grant of € 10,000. The development of new communication links will make it possible for the specialists of the Downside Up Foundation to extend ongoing remote psychological support to families with kids suffering from the Down syndrome in different Russian regions, which will help them overcome the stress, psychological problems, and crises associated with the birth and upbringing of a child with this kind of specifics of development.

The “Sport Unites all Children” project sponsored by the Russian Disability NGO “Perspektiva” was supported by a grant of € 13,000. The purpose of the project is to socialise disabled children through joint participation in sports activities with their able-bodied peers. Over the course of the project, the employees of the Russian Disability NGO Perspektiva will organise and hold diverse sports activities involving both disabled and able-bodied children. The activities will be held in special-purpose summer camps and municipal sports venues in Moscow.

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