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Improvements in Internet-bank Enter.UniCredit and mobile application Mobile.UniCredit

UniCredit Bank introduces a number of improvements in the remote services, which made them even more functional.

Updates in Mobile.UniCredit

  • Now customers who use smartphones on the Android platform can enter the Mobile.UniCredit by fingerprint. This way of authorization will make entering the application easier, convenient and safe. Logging into the application using a fingerprint is also available to owners of smartphones on the iOS platform.
  • In the section "Pay" - "Invoices for payment" you can subscribe to new traffic fines notices. For this, it is necessary to indicate the number of the driver's license and / or Vehicle Registration Certificate. The fines shown in this section you can immediately pay.
  • If you pay 3 or more purchases on the card in any outlets amounting to 3000 rubles (total), you will get discounts and gifts from the Bank partners by going to the "Discounts" section.
  • Convenient transfers to legal entities or to budget organizations by Taxpayer Identification Number are available in the section "Transfer" - "Transfer by TIN".
  • You can also quickly send an order to cancel a transfer in rubles or in other currency on the screen for detailed information on the operation.

Updates in Enter.UniCredit

  • Holders of cards with cash back can now view their spending for the selected period, broken down by categories with or without cash back on the "Cost Diagram."
  • The statement on the card and on the account can be saved in CSV and PDF formats.
  • A section "Ideas for the Internet-bank improvement" has appeared, where the customer can vote for one of ideas or propose something new.

All these improvements make UniCredit Bank remote services even more convenient and up-to-date. New versions of mobile application and Internet-bank are already available for use.

20.03.2017 - 13:15
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