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UniCredit Bank’s 2017 Annual Report Named Among the Best in Financial Sector at Expert RA’s Contest of Annual Reports

RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA) summed up the results of the annual Contest of Annual Reports. AO UniCredit Bank annual report was named among the best reports of financial companies, winning the third place in the main category ‘The Best Annual Report (Financial Sector)’. The main concept of the annual report by UniCredit Group’s banks in 2017 was ‘One Bank, One UniCredit’ and the new UniCredit tagline ‘Banking that matters’. The components of the annual report design also reflect the five strategic pillars of the Group’s strategic plan Transform 2019.

“For over ten years we have prepared the annual reports using a unified design developed for the banks of UniCredit Group, member of which UniCredit Bank is,” says Laura Andronova, Head of Identity & Communications Unit at UniCredit Bank. “We are trying to adapt this design to the content of our report based on the specific of the Russian market and those of the Bank’s achievements that we want to emphasise this year to get a well-balanced picture.”

Previously, UniCredit Bank’s reports have been repeatedly praised during Expert RA’s contest. The Bank’s 2015 annual report was named among the best in the category ‘Design and Printing (Financial Sector)’ and the Bank’s 2014 annual report was named among the best in the category ‘Financial Sector’.

The purpose of RAEX Contest of Annual Reports is to provide the professional audience with crucial information on the current trends and best international practices in annual reporting. Annual reports are evaluated based on the rating of annual reports. The rating procedure is based on the methodology of the Contest of Annual Reports that is used to select the Contest winners in the category ‘The Best Annual Report’ (in financial and non-financial sectors). The rating of annual reports includes traditional annual reports, sustainable development/social reports, and integrated reports.

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