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Updates in the Internet-bank and mobile application of UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank has improved the remote services.

What's new in the Internet-bank Enter.UniCredit:

  • "Invoices for payment" section is updated. New subscriptions to traffic fines and notifications by e-mail can be added.
  • If there is a credit card debt, this information is displayed on the main screen.
  • The design of the "Payment for services" section has been updated.
  • When transferring to another bank, it is enough to start entering the BIC or the name of the beneficiary's bank, and the system will automatically display the possible options in the list.

What's new in the mobile application Mobile.UniCredit

  • Added the ability to create tax payments, the details of which can be read from the QR-code.
  • When paying for services, the receipt can be saved or sent by e-mail.
  • The payment process is simplified. Now SMS with a password for confirmation comes automatically.

You can subscribe to Enter.UniCredit at, or download the Mobile.UniCredit application in the App Store or Google Play. For subscribing, it is enough to have a UniCredit Bank card.

24.05.2017 - 10:00
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