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UniCredit Bank Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Chelyabinsk Branch

UniCredit Bank has operated in Chelyabinsk since the opening of the representative office in 2003. Thanks to the region’s potential and growing demand for the Bank’s retail products, the representative office was transformed into a full-fledged branch within just a year and it is 15 years now that it has successfully operated in the regional market. The Bank’s services are used by the region’s major companies, small and medium-size enterprises, and the residents of the region.

UniCredit Bank offers a wide range of financial products to retail customers: deposits, consumer loans, mortgage loans, auto loans, banking packages, and investment life insurance programmes.

 “Our stability is confirmed both by long-term cooperation with our customers and by many years of the employees’ service with the Bank. Apart from myself, the key executive positions in the Chelyabinsk branch are held by the people who joined the branch in the year of foundation, which means that we are also celebrating an anniversary this year — 15 years of service with UniCredit Bank. The Bank would have been unable to do so well in the region’s market without the entire team of the Chelyabinsk branch, says Andrey Stikhin, Manager of UniCredit Bank Chelyabinsk branch. Our customers often stress that the Bank both ranks the first among the banks for reliability* and is the customers’ choice No. 1 when it comes to the choice of the financial partner, either for business or for private purposes”. 

The list of the Bank’s corporate customers includes a lot of landmark companies that the branch has worked with virtually since its very foundation — the average length of companies’ cooperation with UniCredit Bank exceeds 10 years. “In the meantime, the corporate portfolio is a good reflection of the region’s economy as it is dominated by such sectors as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and food industry. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with the international companies developing their business in Russia and in the Chelyabinsk Region in particular by offering them high-quality services provided by UniCredit around the world, says Rada Pasynkova, Head of the Regional Corporate Business Centre, Deputy Manager of UniCredit Bank Chelyabinsk Branch.

UniCredit Bank’s long-term objectives in the region include maintaining and strengthening its leadership in the banking sector, as well as continuing the efforts to improve its products and customer service. Additionally, special emphasis will be placed on the development of multi-channel services, which is consistent with the existing market trends.


* According to Forbes, 2019

25.06.2019 - 12:00
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