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UniCredit Bank held a Moscow-Milan automarathon in honor of its 30th anniversary

AO UniCredit Bank held a car marathon on the route from Moscow to the headquarters of UniCredit in Milan, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Bank. “Rally 30”, the result of the initiative of the employees of UniCredit Bank, covered 6,900 km and 7 countries where the Group's banks are present: Belarus*, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. The “Rally 30” team, consisting of 53 employees of the Bank and their immediate relatives, traveled in 22 private cars.

The marathon’s agenda included meetings with colleagues from UniCredit banks in other countries in each city of the route exchanging best practices and ending up in Milan visiting the headquarter of the Group at UniCredit Tower.


15 days after the start, the participants of the marathon successfully returned to Moscow, having come the route Moscow-Milan-Moscow in full accordance with the schedule.

“Initiatives that emphasize the unity of UniCredit meet great support from colleagues, which is proved by the automarathon dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Bank’s work in Russia. The project "Rally 30" allowed to enrich business relationships with colleagues from other countries, and also contributed to the development of a new format of collaboration. It is especially encouraging that the marathon was made possible thanks to the personal initiative and enthusiasm of the staff from all units of UniCredit Bank. This once again confirms our commitment to the One Bank, One UniCredit approach”, - comments Mikhail Alekseev, Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit Bank.

“The project “Rally 30” is a vivid example of not only teamwork, but also a new form of development and training of leaders: through the creation of such challenges as an automarathon, the emphasis shifts from the development of individual leaders to the development of teams and communities, and learning based on action comes to replace the theoretical approach to obtaining new knowledge. In addition, thanks to “Rally 30”, which mobilized people during their holidays, we all felt like one big family, where each voice is important, everyone helps each other and everybody is united in pursuing of a common goal,” comments Valentin Timakov, Head of Human Resources of UniCredit Bank.


* Representative Office of AO UniCredit Bank in the Republic of Belarus.

25.06.2019 - 15:00
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