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AO UniCredit Bank is awarded with 2018 Visa Global Service Quality Awards

UniCredit Bank was honored with two 2018 Visa Global Service Quality Awards —  for Highest Authorization Approval Rate - Cross-Border Consumer Point Of Sale, and for Emerging Payment Adoption: Contactless. These awards recognize issuers that display a commitment to cross-border consumer point-of-sale transactions through high authorization approval rates while helping to control risk and have the greatest percentage of contactless transactions.

“We are delighted to receive these awards that demonstrate high-quality of our services and commitment to our customers. UniCredit Bank has been repeatedly granted with the Award for Highest Authorization Approval Rate that proves reliability of our operations. At the same time, receiving the Emerging Payment Adoption: Contactless Award underlines UniCredit Bank’s persistent development of the card business to meet real needs of our clients”, says Alexander Vishnyakov, Head of Operations Back Office Department of UniCredit Bank.

The Visa Global Service Quality Awards (GSQA) program was established in 1992 for clients in the U.S. region and was further expanded in 2009 to include international regions. This annual program honors Visa’s highest-performing acquirers, issuers, and issuer processors. GSQA recipients exemplify the Visa-client partnership, fulfilling our brand promise through excellence in innovation, operational efficiency, and cardholder satisfaction.

27.09.2019 - 11:00
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