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UniCredit Leasing won in public auction of the Russian Post for purchasing computer equipment for RUB 1.2 billion

In partnership with UniCredit Leasing «The Russian Post» will purchase more than 27 000 workstations for post offices. In March 2016, UniCredit Leasing became the winning bidder of public auction performed by “The Russian Post” by offering the lowest contract price of RUB 1.218 billion at a starting price of RUB 2.38 billion as a contrary.

The UniCredit Leasing’s initiative allowed «The Russian Post» to save on purchase more than 50% of the starting price – RUB 1.2 billion. The workstation complex includes a system unit, a monitor, a multifunctional printer, an uninterruptable power supply and a bar code scanner. The leasing price of one unit is RUB 44 000, which is one of the best proposals for a company of such level. The term of agreement is 4 years, the leasing period is 36 months from the date of acceptance of workstations.

Renovation of computer equipment will allow “The Russian Post” to accelerate considerably customer service. At every new workplace, a unified automated system of postal service will be set up. The Russian Post developed it on the principle of a «single window» and substituted for more than 15 different software products previously used.

«Thanks to successful partnership with the largest producers and vendors of various types of equipment and on the basis of 20 years of experience with corporate clients, including clients of UniCredit Bank, UniCredit Leasing is a financial institution that effectively combines interests of customers, suppliers, the Bank and the leasing company. Win of "The Russian Post" tender is a clear evidence to that", comments Alexander Klyuev, Chief Sales Officer of UniCredit Leasing.

28.04.2016 - 09:00
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