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UniCredit selects RRO Eurasia for London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE program

UniCredit is pleased to announce that PRO Eurasia is among 4 newly selected companies for UniCredit CEE Lounge, an innovative initiative that enables ambitious private companies to accelerate their growth.

The CEE Lounge, part of London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE program, was launched in 2015. The 21 previously onboarded companies from 9 Central Eastern European countries are now beginning their fourth of eight executive training and coaching modules. Following these promising results, UniCredit — in partnership with London Stock Exchange Group — is onboarding the third round of clients in the ELITE UniCredit CEE Lounge RRO Eurasia and all other participating companies come from UniCredit’s network across Central and Eastern Europe.

«This program allows you to exit from the working rhythm and look at the situation from the outside, to assess the strategy, to see the potential risks and problems, and their possible solutions. It happens thanks to a tutoring staff, and valuable comments from other participants of the program. I am confident that the program will allow us to strengthen position in the international market and to find new opportunities for our business development », said Michael Lozovskiy, CFO at PRO Eurasia.

While these clients receive great value from ELITE , UniCredit’s participation in the initiative helps it improve its services to clients. Andrea Diamanti, UniCredit’s Head of Corporate and Investment Banking for Central and Eastern Europe, stated «We are glad to stay close to our clients in an innovative way through the ELITE program. This represents a unique opportunity for us to learn more about their needs and strategies while they can get to know us better and feel the value of our expertise and network».

Luca Peyrano, CEO ELITE, added: «ELITE’s partnership with UniCredit in the CEE region continues to go from strength-to-strength, evidenced today by the new group of ambitious companies joining the ELITE UniCredit CEE Lounge. Together with UniCredit we share a common goal to provide Europe’s most dynamic businesses with the tools and opportunities to help them grow.»

The ELITE environment helps ensure that rapidly growing companies are more aware of the various funding options available to them and prepares them to face investors. It also brings growing businesses together, giving them the opportunity to inspire each other, exchange ideas and identify mutual business opportunities. ELITE services are designed to meet the individual needs of each SME selected for the UniCredit CEE Lounge, with the Group contributing to training modules and tutoring, as well as providing access to its own tailored support services. ELITE supports over 450 international companies and has 150 advisors and more than 100 investors in its growing community.

PRO Eurasia specialises in the mining and mineral processing sectors in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Its headquarters in Moscow, as well as a number of local regional offices and an office in Austria, Neusiedl, guarantee seamless logistics processes and consistent on-schedule deliveries.

28.11.2016 - 09:00
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