Remote Banking Service

Time is one of the most important resources in business. Ensure its more efficient use with the help of the e-banking systems offered by UniCredit Bank.

You can save on accounts maintenance and make banking transactions faster by using E-banking channels with UniCredit Bank. Our latest E-Banking System Business.Online allows to manage your accounts efficiently and flexibly, while meeting the highest worldwide security standards of UniCredit Group. You can also use the System to exchange documents, including Agreements and Applications for other Bank products.

UniCredit Bank also offers Host-to-Host and SWIFT Connectivity to our large Corporate Clients that allow to manage your cash flows directly from your ERP system.


Business.Online is the new electronic banking system developed by UniCredit Group for CEE countries including Russia and Ukraine. The System has extensive functionalities, which are updated on a regular basis:

  • Payments in Roubles including tax and customs payments
  • Payments in foreign currencies
  • Currency purchase and sale
  • Detailed reports and statements
  • Real-time information on account movements and balance
  • Currency Control
  • Corporate Cards
  • Payroll
  • Compatible with almost all modern Internet Browsers
  • Compliant with highest security standards (eToken, SMS-confirmation)
    • Payments are confirmed by one-time-passwords, which greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to Client’s account in case if the Client’s computer nework is breached.
    • System employs cryptographic means, certified by the Federal Security Service of Russia, of storing digital signatures on secure storage devices (eTokens)
    • IP and MAC filtering: only users connecting from predefined IP and MAC addresses can access the system
    • TLS1.1 protocol is used for secure data transmission with the bank

Among other features of the System:

  • Centralized management of Group subsidiaries in “one window” mode
  • Built-in templates for all types of documents including the forms for Currency Control
  • Compatible with ERP systems for automatic documents’ exchange
  • Sophisticated segregation of duties (secured import, document type limitation, several
  • level of signatures, amount limits, etc.)
  • User-friendly interface with filters for convenient data search
  • Secured import (importing payment files from ERP system without further possibility of editing)
  • Templates and directories


Host2Host is used for direct integration between Company’s ERP system and E-Banking System. This solution allows to avoid using E-banking systems and to reduce costs and risks, that could arise from using them.

The Companies needs to set-up their ERP systems to use files based on the international standard ISO20022.

In the nearest future, we are planning to launch a special integration module with 1C ERP System.

SWIFT Connectivity

SWIFT Connectivity is one of the variations of the Host2Host solution that uses SWIFT channel as a min means of communication and exchange. SWIFT channels allows to manage Companies’ accounts in other Banks, including in other countries.

The document flow between the Company and the Bank is based on the international standard ISO20022.

UniCredit Bank is the first bank to implement this solution on the Russian market, and has unique experience working with this channel.


ISO20022 is the international standard for exchanging financial information. European Union has legally approved this standard to be used as basis for SEPA transfers.

The key players in Russia responsible for developing this standard in Russia is the Working Group called  Corporate Market Practice Group (CMPG), established under ROSSWIFT. CMPG consists of representatives from more than 20 largest banks, and several largest Russian corporations.

Central Bankf of Russia is actively involved as well, having established ISO20022 as the main future standard to be used in the Russian payment system.

UniCredit Bank is one of the most active participants of CMPG, and possesses one of the best expertise on implementation of ISO20022 on the Russian market.

Development of this standard in the nearest future will allow all the banks and companies in Russia to move to unified formats of electronic documents, and therefore solve the eternal problem of integrating various Systems used for preparing and processing payments.


Current status of ISO20022 in Russia

  • Approved to be used for payments in rubles
  • Payments in Foreign Currency conform to the international practices
  • Currently the national practice and recommendations for using this standard is being formed
    • Payment status formats
    • Final and intraday account statements formats

In 2015 the standard will be used for Currency Control documents, and possibly for other types of payments documents.  

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