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UniCredit enjoys a strong reputation as one of leading providers of innovative and efficient Cash Management and eBanking solutions. With an individual approach to the customers' requirements, Cash Management specialists take account of the complete financial value chain.

UniCredit Bank offers a comprehensive package of services to manage Clients’ accounts and their cash flows. The Clients can open accounts in EUR (euro), USD (US dollars), GBP (British pound), CHF (Swiss franc), CNY (Chinese yuan) and other foreign currencies, including currencies of CIS countries. 

Normative documents of currency legislation

Application on settlement account in foreign currency DOC 136kB Download
Standard Rules on settlement account in foreign currency of legal entities established in compliance with law of foreign states and located outside the territory of the Russian Federation DOC 60kB Download
Application on settlement account in Russian rubles DOC 136kB Download
Standard Rules on settlement account in Russian rubles of legal entities established in compliance with law of foreign states and located outside the territory of the Russian Federation DOC 58kB Download
Standard Rules of keeping settlement accounts in foreign currency of legal entities – residents of the Russian Federation DOC 58kB Download

UniCredit Bank renders money transfer services that enable to make prompt settlements with your counterparties.

The account is credited free of charge. If your payee also has an account with any branch of UniCredit Bank, money is transferred instantly and free of charge.


For transfers in rubles:

  • execution on the day of receipt. Transfer is made through the electronic fund transfer system of the Bank of Russia.
  • For transfers in foreign currency:
  • payment may be made in any foreign currency in favour of payee from any country of the world. This is the advantage of UniCredit Bank’s large correspondent bank network;
  • If you have an account in only one freely convertible foreign currency, you may send a transfer in any other currency. UniCredit Bank will make the necessary conversion;
  • we can transfer funds in rare currencies, such as: Cypriot pound, Thailand baht, South-African rand.

UniCredit Bank has one of the most experienced currency control teams and is ready to provide you full support in currency control.


UniCredit Bank provides the following currency control services:

  • advice on currency legislation;
  • documents verification;
  • opening deals passports;
  • transferring all types of currency control documents through e-banking systems;
  • providing information on documents status and currency proceeds receipt through e-banking systems.

UniCredit Bank provides cash desk services to corporate clients in rubles and in foreign currency.


What are the conditions of cash desk services at UniCredit Bank?

  • service is provided during banking day in branches that service corporate clients;
  • funds may be deposited to the account in any Bank’s branch that services corporate clients;
  • funds may be withdrawn from a corporate account only with the Bank branch that services your company;
  • cash withdrawal via our cash desks may be arranged using packages of Goznak, the Bank of Russia or UniCredit Bank.

UniCredit Bank collection services ensures that cash transactions are performed with a high level of safety standards.

UniCredit Bank renders the following services:

  • collection from sales points; cash counting and delivery; crediting cash to the company’s account;
  • “end-to-end” collection with crediting all of collected funds (including funds collected in the Regions) to the single account of the company;


What are the advantages of UniCredit Bank collection?

  • high level of service that meets the standards of UniCredit Group;
  • PaRTner solution allows to automatically reconcile incoming payments and provides information on proceeds by each point of sales;
  • flexible collection tariffs and schedules tailored to our customers’ business.

For more information on UniCredit Bank collection services please contact the Cash Management Department.

UniCredit Bank provides a wide variety of different statement formats for its Clients. Apart from the standard paper-based statements, companies can receive extended statements, files in 1C, HTM, CSV, MT940/942 formats. Moreover, the Bank can send MT940/942 messages to the indicated SWIFT address.


MT940/942 statements and how do they work?

MT940/942 statement formats are used to automatically collect statements of all Group accounts and of all subsidiaries of the company in all banks.

MT940 is used to receive a statement for the whole day, and MT942 is used for intraday statements sent at regular intervals.

If these formats are used, statements are automatically sent to your SWIFT address after receipt by the bank of a respective instruction from you.

A BTC-code (Business Transaction Code) may be added to the statement standard of SWIFT MT940 format. This option allows your ERP system to automatically post certain transactions on certain income/expense items. Thus the Companies’ financial activities may be controlled better.

UniCredit Bank offers a solution for businesses which involves processing of a large number of payments. This is PaRTner, automatic identification technology of incoming payments.


How does it work?

Your company has one settlement account. As part of PaRTner solution, the Bank generates several virtual accounts and links them to your settlement account. Each virtual account has its own identification number. These accounts may be used to distinguish between payments of different counterparties, distinguish debtors of one branch from other branches debtors, etc.

Now your counterparties specify as a beneficiary account an identification number assigned to them and not the general settlement account of the company. Payments are credited to the general settlement account, a statement reflects all virtual accounts transactions and the identification number is stored in a separate field of the statement.

This results in complete control over the debtors payments, streamlined workflow and automatic reconciliation of incoming revenue.

To make use of this solution please contact the bank branch to enter into an additional agreement.

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