Please make use of factoring services of UniCredit Bank to work with your counterparties upon payment deferral terms.

Factoring is unsecured financing of up to 100% of supplies amount that is granted by the Bank in exchange for the right to claim money for goods or services supplied upon payment deferral terms.


Vendor Factoring

This financial service allows to optimize financial flows and to reduce receivables on the part of your buyers.

Opportunity to work with your company upon payment deferral terms will attract new customers and enable to establish strong partnership with the existing ones and to increase sales.

Furthermore, factoring will make possible to cooperate with the largest sales networks carrying out business upon payment deferral terms only.


Buyer Factoring

If you have several suppliers, factoring service will enable you to expect more favourable terms of cooperation. UniCredit Bank will provide payment deferral by means of factoring, and your suppliers will immediately receive money for supplies and will not incur expenses related to cash deficiencies. It is a benefit for all parties to transaction.

It is a type of factoring, when all parties to purchase and sale transaction are within Russia.


UniCredit Bank provides:

  • with recourse factoring, when the customer is obliged to repay the debt to the Bank, if it may not be repaid by the  debtor;
  • without recourse factoring when the customer has no obligation of such repayment;
  • Purchase Order Management, i.e. financing at the stage of ordering goods;
  • extra deferred payment factoring;
  • forfeiting, i.e. purchase of long-term liabilities of the customer to the vendor/lender.

Please contact the Bank for more information on documents needed to start domestic factoring services at UniCredit Bank.

Supplier Chain Finance Factoring

The Supplier Chain Finance Program developed at UniCredit Bank will allow to:

  • strengthen relations with your supplier chain and expect lower cost of procurement;
  • obtain or increase supplies payment deferral;
  • make interaction with your supplier chain easier, i.e. you deal with one expert of the Bank who attends to your company and not with several suppliers’ representatives;
  • relieve the accounting department of a part of its work: the Bank effects advance payment to the supplier’s account directly;
  • not to use working capital to pay for supplies;
  • improve the debt to EBITDA ratio.


How does it work?

If you cooperate with suppliers upon payment deferral terms, it usually means that the supplier includes all expenses related to your receivables in the cost of supply.

Under the supplies financing program UniCredit Bank purchases from your suppliers the right to claim money from you. This means for the supplier that it may obtain inexpensive financing against your receivables by means of factoring, rather than to cover cash deficiency by unfavourable loan with its bank. For you this means that you will be able to request a lower purchase price from that supplier and grant it guarantees for long-term cooperation.

Furthermore, your interaction with suppliers is significantly reduced, cash flow planning is more efficient and spending capacity increases.

What cooperation conditions may your company expect under the supplies financing program? For more information please contact the Bank or fill in online application.

With Recourse Factoring

With recourse factoring means that the bank has two sources of debt repayment in case it is not repaid by the debtor, i.e. the buyer and the vendor. This mitigates the risk the factor is exposed to, so the Bank may provide factoring services to more customers.

As a customer of UniCredit Bank, you may enjoy all benefits of with recourse factoring:

  • attract factoring financing of up to 90% of the total transaction amount;
  • reduce working capital;
  • obtain more prompt and favourable financing for the period of payment deferral as compared to lending;
  • establish itself as a reliable partner of suppliers by reducing the time of payment for supply invoices;
  • efficiently manage receivables and obtain analytical support of the Bank in this regard.

Without Recourse Factoring

The largest Russian and foreign companies are provided with services of without recourse factoring when UniCredit Bank assumes the full risk of the buyer’s failure to repay the debt. Please make use of without recourse factoring services to:

  • increase liquidity and improve financial performance by writing off receivables from the balance sheet of your company;
  • increase spending capacity;
  • reduce working capital;
  • improve the debt to EBITDA ratio.

For more information on this service please contact UniCredit Bank or fill in online application.

Extra Deferred Payment Factoring

UniCredit Bank enables its factoring customers to receive extra deferred payment in addition to the contract deferral. In this case, the cost of extra deferral is paid by the party being the debtor to the transaction.

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management is financing against assignment of future money claims. This type of factoring is for companies that sell and produce goods to order.

Purchase Order Management allows to:

  • refuse prepayment in favour of payment deferral;
  • obtain immediate financing against future sales of goods and services and against production of those goods.

This type of factoring requires in-depth review of both the vendor’s and the buyer’s business. After the review the Bank expert will make a conclusion what financing terms would create the best balance between the Bank’s risks and the customer's need for factoring financing.


Forfeiting is a financial service similar to factoring. In fact, it means that the customer is financed by buying from it the borrower's long-term obligations to counterparties (suppliers, lenders, etc.).

UniCredit Bank forfeiting service allows to:

  • obtain discounting of the total debt in a lump sum;
  • obtain long-term financing for up to 7 years to purchase fixed assets;
  • transfer all risks of failure to pay debt obligations under the contract to the Bank;

Please contact UniCredit Bank to learn more about forfeiting and to submit documents for application.

In 2008, UniCredit Bank joined Factors Chain International©, a global network that facilitates international trade by means of factoring and accompanying services. We will assist in financing transactions when the vendor is within Russia and the buyer is a resident of another state.

Export Factoring

With UniCredit Bank, you may increase financing of supplies as the sales grow, and your customers will be able to defer payment for up to 120 days. Export Factoring allows to:

  • receive supplies financing in the form of an advance payment to the exporter’s account;
  • efficiently manage receivables and reduce cash deficiencies;
  • make use of research and information support by UniCredit Bank experts;
  • significantly increase sales and turnover within a short period and mitigate risks of non-payment.

For more information on export factoring services please contact UniCredit Bank or leave online application below.

Import Factoring

As a member of Factors Chain International ©, UniCredit Bank provides import factoring services to promote the development of import transactions.

Import factoring means that the Bank issues guarantee for the debtor. It allows the importer to receive payment deferral and the exporter is immediately reimbursed for the cost of export supply by its bank abroad.

Please fill in online application or contact UniCredit Bank

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