UniCredit Leasing

UniCredit Leasing, subsidiary of UniCredit Bank, has been rendering leasing services since 1996. The company render a wide range of leasing services in full compliance with international standards and Russian standards.


Leasing with UniCredit offers you:

  • to modernize and enlarge basic funds with minimal own investments;
  • to optimize income and property tax as the leasing payment is fully charged to expenses and  accelerated amortization procedure is employed;
  • to choose the most comfortable payments schedule with a small price rise;
  • to benefit from exclusive partner programs with vendors and insurance providers.

With our assistance assets may be acquired in leasing throughout Russia and not only in the regions of UniCredit Bank operation. 

Vehicles leasing
  • Leasing of light, commercial cars and trucks
  • Leasing tenor from 1 year
  • Downpayment from 10%
  • Special offers available with Renault, Nissan and other manufactures

Equipment leasing
  • Leasing of special vehicles for construction and agriculture, leasing of industrial and other types of equipment
  • Leasing tenor up to 5-7 years
  • Downpayment from 10%
  • Special offers from JCB, Claas, Technogym, etc.

Rolling-stock leasing
  • Leasing of different kinds of wagons, gondola cars, platforms and tanks
  • Tenor up to 7-9 years
  • Choice of financing currency from roubles, US dollars, euros

Real estate leasing
  • Leasing of commercial real estate such as offices, warehouses, malls, plants, fitness and entertainment centres
  • Tenor up to 10 years
  • Choice of financing currency from roubles, US dollars, euros


Leasing is easy:

Private companies with profitable business operating from 1 year on the market are invited to apply for leasing. Please provide financial statements for the last report quarter and for the previous year. The full list of documents for the deal will be communicated by the leasing manager.

For more information please refer to www.unicreditleasing.ru or call the phone numbers below:

Moscow Nizhniy Novgorod Novosibirsk
+7 (495) 287-31-50 +7 (831) 275-80-80 +7 (383) 230-01-63
Saint Petersburg Krasnodar  
+7 (812) 332-09-71 +7 (861) 210-10-40  

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