UniCredit Bank provides its clients with various custody services:

  • opening and maintenance of custody accounts
  • safe custody of securities certificates collection of income on securities the rights to which are registered on custody account
  • execution of transfer of securities, including cases when they are encumbered with liabilities
  • registration of pledge on securities

UniCredit Bank can act as an escrow agent for its clients for high-risk transactions (transactions with high value of the transaction and/or with deferred term of its completion). The bank structures such transactions and takes part in their completion, acting as a third party protecting interests of both the seller and the buyer.

UniCredit Bank has a correspondent network and custody accounts abroad (Euroclear Bank S. A./N. V., Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg), and in main settlement depositories and clearing centres of Russia (the National Depositary Center and Vnesheconombank). UniCredit Bank has accounts in more than 50 shareholders’ registrars. Extra accounts may be opened in depositories and registrars at client request.


UniCredit Bank Depositary

Custody of UniCredit Bank was established in 1996. In 2000, it began to act as a specialised depository providing services to non-state pension funds and unit funds. According to a study conducted by the Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositaries (PARTAD) in 2002 IMB (UniCredit Bank) has been among the top 30 custodians in Russia in terms of the market value of assets in Custody. According to the survey for the date of June 30, 2004 IMB (UniCredit Bank) has the 13th biggest depository in Russia.

In 2007 UniCredit Bank Custody was named Best Sub-Custodian Bank 2007 in Russia according to Global Finance magazine, one of the leading and most respected international editions on custody activity. According to 2005—2006 Agent Banks in Emerging Markets Survey also by Global Custodian Magazine UniCredit Bank Custody was awarded a Top Rated status for servicing both cross-border and domestic non-affiliated clients, being distinguished as Best in Class for all products and services. In 2004 IMB (UniCredit Bank) was named Commended only due the Magazine’s policy, which does not allow a participant to be named Top Rated in its first participation year.

UniCredit Bank is a member of the following self-regulated organizations:

  • NAUFOR (Self-regulatory organization “National Association of Securities Market Participants”)
  • NFA (NSMA — National Securities Market Association)


Effective Licenses

Custody license # 045-06564-000100 issued on April 25, 2003 by The Federal Commission for the Securities Market.

Depository’s operations are based on “Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations.”

Please be advised that a new version of Terms and Conditions for Depository Operating of AO UniCredit Bank comes into force from June 17, 2016.



Contact information

Yuliya Umnova Head of Product  Development and Relationship Management
Tel.: +7 495 232-5298

Ksenia Liskina Relationship Manager
Tel.: +7 499 272-2896
Yuliya Shibukova Relationship Manager
Tel.: +7  499  272-2895

Custody services are provided on the basis instructions of authorized employees of the client including trustees. Instructions can be issued to the depositary in electronic format (SWIFT, telex, IMBlink) or, if electronic means of communications are not available to the client, in writing on paper. Issuing instructions by fax is only permitted under a special agreement between the depositary and the depositor, with subsequent provision of the originals in an agreed manner.

Instructions issued using SWIFT, telex or fax must contain a key agreed upon between the depositor and UniCredit Bank in advance. Orders on printed media must be signed by persons authorized by the depositor and bear a seal conforming to the signature and seal specimen provided by the client in advance via specimen signature and stamp card.

The depositor can confer powers of attorney over the securities which are held in safekeeping and/or the rights to which are accounted for in the depository to another person, who is a trustee of the custody account one of those who signed an agreement with the depositary. A trustee can be any person who holds a license as a professional participant in the securities market.

Terms and Conditions for Depository Operating of AO UniCredit Bank (from 12.09.2016) PDF 1MB Download
Terms and Conditions for Depository Operating of AO UniCredit Bank (up to 12.09.2016) PDF 340kB Download
Annexes to Terms and Conditions for Depository Operating of AO UniCredit Bank (from 12.09.2016) PDF 1MB Download
Terms and Conditions for Depository Operating of AO UniCredit Bank (up to 12.09.2016) PDF 340kB Download


Custody operations start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. (on Fridays and pre-holidays — at 4:00 p.m.). Instructions accepted from a clients during the course of the banking day are dealt with same day; those accepted after the end of the banking day are processed on the following banking day.

When making transactions on custody account, the Bank forwards the client within one banking day a report on these transactions, a statement on the custody account and any other relevant information requested by the client.

UniCredit Bank provides services for settlement and safe custody accounts for all corporate securities and fixed income instruments circulating in the Russian market.


Government Securities

Denominated in foreign currency:

  • eurobonds of the Russian Federation

Denominated in Russian rubles:

  • federal loan bonds (OFZ)


Non-Government Securities

Corporate debt liabilities:

  • corporate bonds
  • eurobonds of legal entities - residents of the Russian Federation

Banks liabilities:

  • certificates of deposit
  • bonds (including bonds of the Central Bank)

Securities of share holding:

  • shares of legal entities;
  • certificate of share holding
  • depository receipts
  • units of Russian and international mutual funds


Bond of sudject of the Russian Federation

  • municipal securities
  • regional securities
  • eurobonds of regions and municipalities of the Russian Federation
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