Financial Markets

We offer a wide range of products and services on the money market, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities, and bond markets.

Our operation is based on highest service quality and leading product offering on the financial markets. To operate on these markets, we utilize the latest standards for risk management. The quality of our work and our client-centered approach come from a group-wide high quality standard of UniCredit Group.


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Bond origination

UniCredit Bank offers a full range of services for origination, placement, and servicing of bonds on the Russian domestic as well as on the International bond markets.

Long-term experience

  • Experience in RUB bond origination for more than 10 years
  • Substantial participation in more than 298 bond issues in the total amount of RUB 140 bn (arranger, co-arranger, underwriter, co-underwriter)


Top quality services of bond origination and sales

  • Structuring of the bond issues
  • Preparation of relevant issuance documentation
  • Road-show, presentation for potential investors
  • Guaranteed initial placement (underwriting)
  • Maintenance of liquid two-way secondary market


«The first truly European bank»

  • Global network of UniCredit
  • Unique multi local presence in 50 countries
  • UniCredit Bank is in top 10 of the largest investment banks in Russia


Effective sales

  • Multi local sales platform
  • Broad local and international investors base (banks, hedge-funds, insurance companies and so on)
  • Forming of additional demand


Working with AO UniCredit Bank means that the client has the advantages of:

  • Very experienced and innovative origination team
  • Maximum number of domestic and foreign investors
  • Liquid secondary market for originated issues


Tel: +7 495 258 72 38

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