Correspondent accounts

UniCredit Bank offers opening and maintaining correspondent accounts in Russian Roubles and foreign currencies. The Bank has large portfolio of over 400 loro accounts including 190 in RUB held by domestic and foreign banks from 41 countries, thereof around 100 banks from OECD countries. With over 15 years of experience in RUB clearing for non-resident banks we enjoy a leading position in RUB clearing market. The large number of vostro-accounts held by foreign banks provides an excellent platform for executing payments by book transfers.

The tailor-made approach to the customers’ needs, flexibility, reliability, proactive and highly professional English speaking staff have been appreciated by the top international banks, considering UniCredit Bank as their prime RUB clearer.

We kindly request you to contact our Correspondent Banking for all questions related to account opening with UniCredit Bank:

Tel. + 7 495 723-7129


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