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UniCredit Bank provides a complete range of services, pertaining to Letters of Credit:

Issuance of Letters of Credit on behalf of correspondent banks,

  • Advising of Letters of Credit through our network of correspondent banks,
  • Honour and transfer of Letters of Credit,
  • Confirmation of Letters of Credit issued by other banks

By means of the bank guarantee, the bank (the guarantor) assumes at the request of another person (the principal) a written obligation, to pay the principal’s partner (the beneficiary), on the latter’s written demand, a certain sum of money.

UniCredit Bank provides the following services to correspondent banks:

  • advising of the guarantees in favor of customers of the Bank;
  • guarantees issuance against counter-guarantees.

Kindly clarify a possibility of guarantee issuance and pricing in advance.

Mobile Phones
Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application developed specially for mobile devices based on Android and iOS (iPhone) with consideration of all their features to provide you with maximum useful information and functions which are intended to make your communication with UniCredit Bank even more comfortable.
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