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A seamless 24-hour service, irrespective of the clients’ location, is our approach to e-banking

Enter.UniCredit is a fully functional Internet-bank that allows conducting transactions on your accounts from any place in the world and from any computer with access to the Internet.


With Enter.UniCredit it is easy to:

  • Check your account balance and all transactions information;
  • Check information about your accounts, deposits and UniCredit Bank loans;
  • To make payments from one account to another, including currency exchange;
  • To make ruble and foreign currency transfer to another banks;
  • To cancel previously conducted payments;
  • To set up regular ruble payments to another client’s accounts and to accounts in other banks;
  • Make credit repayment;
  • Review and make transactions with your deposits;
  • Buy other investment instruments;
  • To open accounts and deposits;
  • To buy Service packages;
  • Pay online for more than 1500 services providers;
  • Send correspondence to the Bank;
  • Reissue/block cards;
  • Restore password on-line by your passport data base;
  • Hide products;
  • For UniCredit Prime Club clients — special currency exchange rate for operations via Enter.UniCredit.

Operations confirmation ways

  • MobiPass is technology that generates session keys with the help of special software on your smartphone. The amount of possible keys is unlimited. You can use MobiPass even without Internet (recommended)
  • SMS-key is technology that lets you receive session keys in SMS messages on your mobile phone
  • Scratch-card is a card with 96 session keys. When all session keys are used, you need to get a new scratch-card in a Bank branch

How to use

You can access Enter.UniCredit via UniCredit Bank homepage or just type the address bar and enter your login and password.

Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application developed specially for mobile devices based on Android and iOS with consideration of all their features to provide you with maximum useful information and functions which are intended to make your communication with UniCredit Bank even more comfortable.

You can download the application for free from  Google Play and  App Store. Type UniCredit Bank or Mobile.UniCredit to find the application at Goole Play or App Store.

Basic features

  • search for the nearest UniCredit Bank ATMs and UniCredit Bank offices (with display of address, supported currencies and cash-in availability);
  • search for discounts under Discount Card program (with display of addresses of the nearest partner organizations providing discounts for purchase of goods and services via UniCredit Bank cards);
  • getting cardholder discount offers when your location is near partner organizations;
  • UniCredit Bank news;
  • UniCredit Bank currency rates;
  • special offers and products of UniCredit Bank.

Personal features

Being UniCredit Bank client you can also view details on your accounts and cards and transfer money between them staying logged in Mobile.UniCredit as well as:

  • get information of your accounts, cards, loans and deposits;
  • transfer between your accounts, including the conversion;
  • pay for services of thousands service providers: utilities, internet, mobile and others;
  • create samples of transactions, operations on the previously created template;
  • change password for entrance to the personal section, change scratch-card with session keys;
  • confirm transactions with session keys received with MobiPass or SMS-key technology;
  • create nick name for your banking products;
  • install PIN for entrance to the personal section.

ePDA.UniCredit is a light version of internet-bank designed for small displays of mobile devices in such a way that it saves your internet traffic providing the main features only.

SMS.UniCredit is SMS notification of plastic card transactions via your mobile phone. Every time you purchase goods and services or withdraw money in any ATM over the world via UniCredit Bank card, you will receive SMS notification of the amounts written off. When money is credited to your card, you will be immediately notified on the available balance.

Call center specialists will answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By calling 8 800 700 10 20 you will be taken to the voice menu to help you to check information you need or contact the Bank specialist. In order to be able to use the voice menu please switch your phone to DTMF dialing mode.


  • Tariffs and conditions of all UniCredit Bank services for private clients;
  • Status of accounts and deposits (to obtain information you need to name eight-figure client number to call center specialist; representatives should have the power of attorney for receipt of such information issued by the account owner);
  • Decisions on credit applications;
  • Availability of ordered bank cards;
  • Remote banking issues;
  • Information card salary payment program;
  • Issues related to execution of payment orders;
  • Availability of individual bank safe deposit boxes in any branch of UniCredit Bank in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • General information about the Bank including addresses and business hours of branches and offices;
  • Location of ATMs and their performance.

The team specialists also provide complete information about tariffs and services available to corporate clients. You can contact the Team for detailed information on microcredits and credits for small and medium business as well as card salary programs and remote bank tools. You also can make order of large cash amounts to withdraw from the Bank cash desks, check status information on status of corporate accounts.

There are nearly 1000 ATMs throughout Russia. Free cash withdrawal in 19 000 UniCredit ATMs in Europe and in ATMs of Moscow Credit Bank, Bank URALSIB and Raiffeisenbank.

In ATMs of UniCredit Bank you can pay for services with any bank card without any commission.

Main functions

  • cash withdrawal;
  • card balance;
  • statement of five recent transactions.

Extra options

  • change of PIN-code;
  • transfer between your accounts (write-off and acceptance account currencies should match);
  • obtain login and password to access Phone.UniCredit.

In addition to standard transactions (cash withdrawal, balance, history of recent transactions and payments) cash-in ATMs enable cardholders of Visa and MasterCard cards by UniCredit Bank credit money to current and card accounts in rubles, US dollars or euro (the currency you cash in should match to the account currency).

Using UniCredit Bank card you can without a fee pay for the services of thousands of companies via Internet-Bank Enter.UniCredit, its optimized version for mobile devices ePDA.UniCredit or mobile application Mobile.UniCredit.

  • To pay for services through the Internet-bank Enter.UniCredit choose your card from the list and click «Pay for services».
  • To pay for services through the mobile applications Mobile.UniCredit for iOS and Android click «Pay».
  • To pay for services through the mobile Internet-bank ePDA.UniCredit click «Pay».
  • To make payment through ATM please select option Payment on the ATM display and follow the prompts shown on the display.
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