Are You Ready for a Fabulous Holiday Getaway?

When was the last time you visited Turkey or Dubai?

Isn’t it time for you to take a break and recharge your batteries? Maybe you have always wanted to visit America or there is a special European destination that you can’t wait to revisit? UniCredit can help you save up the money you need or provide you with a loan to make your vacation dreams a reality.

If you are anxious to get away from it all, UniCredit will be there for you! All you need to do is apply for a cash loan and you will be ready to book your well-deserved holiday getaway.

НEnjoy your luxury holiday vacation without any stress! Our convenient cash loans do not require any property or third party guarantees as security. You can receive as much as 1.2 million rubles and pay it back within 7 years depending on the time frame you choose.

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If you are already planning your next exciting holiday, but still have some time to put some money aside, UniCredit will be there for you!

You will receive a better return on your investment by taking advantage of our fantastic savings opportunities.


If you are going away to another country and you need some cash in their local currency, UniCredit will be there for you.

Please visit us at any one of our branches and we will exchange it for you.

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If you are looking for a safer and more convenient way to handle your financial transactions abroad, UniCredit will be there for you! Simply request our convenient credit and debit cards that are accepted almost anywhere.

Using cards is safer and more convenient since you won’t have to carry a lot of cash around with you and you won’t have to worry about exchanging your money every time you enter a new country. It also allows you to withdraw cash in a foreign currency any time you need it. With our debit cards, cash withdrawals from UniCredit ATMs are free in every country.

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If you want to enjoy your fabulous holidays without any worries, UniCredit will be there for you! We can protect you and your family with our affordable travel insurance.

If you already have a credit card, there should be some travel insurance included with it. Please check the conditions of your credit card’s travel insurance prior to your trip to make sure that you don’t need to extend the level of protection.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, you can easily obtain one from us. This will ensure you are protected, while also giving you a secure and convenient method of payment that is accepted all around the world.


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