Are You Ready for the Home of Your Dreams?

Are you thinking about buying or building your own home?

Maybe you already own a home and you want to transform it into the home that you have always wanted. UniCredit will help you get one step closer to making your dreams come true!

If you are ready to buy or build a place that your family will be proud to call home, UniCredit will be there for you! All you need to do is apply online for a convenient and flexible UniCredit mortgage.

It is almost impossible to save enough money to buy or build a new home for your family. If you are not willing to wait that long, all you need to do is to save 20% to 30% of the value of the property (depending on the loan you choose) and we will take care of the rest. You can receive up to 9 million rubles for building a home or as much as 30 million rubles for buying a house or a flat. We will also give you the option of choosing how long it will take to pay back the mortgage (up to 30 years).

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If you are ready to turn your existing home into the home of your dreams and you need some financing to complete the renovations, UniCredit will be there for you! You will immediately receive the money you need to transform your home with our purpose loan.

If you have big plans to refurbish, renovate or rebuild your home, we can help turn your plans into the home of your dreams. Your property is all the security you need and you can receive up to 15 million rubles or as much as 70% of your property’s value for any purpose that is approved by the bank. We also allow you to take up to 15 years to pay it back.

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