Do You Want to Secure Your Financial Future?

Are you excited about enjoying your retirement days? Or are you worried about the rainy days that might come along before you are prepared to handle them? Do you want to finally get rid of your debts? UniCredit will be there for you!

Are you already looking forward to your retirement? Does retirement even seem possible? It is never too early or too late to start saving for your retirement.

There will be a sizeable gap between your current salary and your government pension. If you want to make sure you can enjoy your retirement and maintain your current standard of living, UniCredit can help you save enough money to close the gap using our long-term savings options.

Our mutual funds will offer promising long-term returns if you already have some money to invest.

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If you just started saving and want to put a set amount aside every month, UniCredit will be there for you! Even just a few rubles a month will add up quickly in our Top-up Term Deposits.

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Are you worried about losing your job or becoming ill? Sometimes all it takes is a broken appliance or car repair and you find yourself falling behind financially. If you need to put aside some money in case of any emergency, UniCredit will be there for you.

Unexpected financial emergencies are a fact of life. Our savings accounts allow you to accumulate money each month, earn interest on it, and access it whenever you need it.

If you are drowning in debts and you don’t know which debts to repay first, UniCredit will be there for you!

You are wasting money if you have short-term debts like unpaid credit cards and account overdrafts. The interest rates for long-term debts are much lower and the payments are significantly more affordable. You can pay off all your bills with our convenient long-term cash loans.

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If you are the owner of a house or an apartment, you can use your property as a security and receive the best loan conditions available.

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