Entering UniCredit Private Banking Russia, customers can get more than Private Banking services: they can access our network of partners and specialists across all industries thankful to our membership to the Group international network.

A secure environment is what customers are looking for their wealth. Diversification in terms of geography and sophisticated services offered is an important factor which helps to foster the security of customers' wealth.

As a leading European banking group, we are a reliable partner for our Private Banking clients throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Our direct presence in 17 countries enables us to offer our customers tailor-made solutions.


As one of Austrian’s most traditional private banks, Schoellerbank has enjoyed a high reputation since its establishment in 1833 with the wealthy have been putting their trust in the competence and services offered by Schoellerbank when it comes to securing, growing and passing on their wealth.

Schoellerbank embodies the principle of «invest rather than speculate» and is specialized in active wealth management. Its broad number of products and services enable a tailor-made asset and insurance solution which fits customers’ personal life.

To learn more about Schoellerbank, visit www.schoellerbank.at

UniCredit Bank Luxembourg

Customers, eager to invest 3 Mio EUR and above, can enjoy UniCredit Luxemburg Private Banking who can offer a broad number of services like innovative Private Banking solutions, support in wise and efficient investments to achieve short and long term objectives, estate planning and wealth management

To learn more about UniCredit Bank Luxemburg, visit www.unicreditbank.lu

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