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Our Private Banking operations leverage on one of the largest network in Europe. Specialized in the needs of our wealthy clients, we are at customers' disposal with our knowledge and long lasting experience.

We, at UniCredit Private Banking Russia, are aimed at granting stability and security to clients' assets as well as at preserving and growing them on a long time period.

We mobilize all our skills and abilities to achieve these goals.

Clarity is our main guiding principle: only clear and understandable investment options and decisions deserve customer's trust.

Along with the customer, we develop the most appropriate long-term strategy. We work on a customer-tailored ratio between opportunities and risks as well as on a balanced diversification of customer's assets: outcomes are clear solutions which are geared to customer's life planning.

The best way for providing the correct advice to customers consists of a frank and open dialogues. In this respect, we regularly analyze customer's situation thus assuring ongoing clarity. We match our investment suggestions to customer's specific interests and to the constantly changing market conditions. Because flexibility is part of a clear thinking and acting too.

Our premises are staffed with well-experienced Private Bankers and certified Specialists. This enables us to devote ourselves to what matters our customers most: wealth and trust.

Mobile Phones


Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application developed specially for mobile devices based on Android and iOS (iPhone) with consideration of all their features to provide you with maximum useful information and functions which are intended to make your communication with UniCredit Bank even more comfortable.

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