Payroll Card Program

For Companies and Businesses

  • Opening accounts and issuing cards is simple and quick.
  • Single file transfer is easy and confidential (using special-purpose software)
  • Crediting of funds-to-cards on the same day

For Managers

As part of the payroll card program launched by UniCredit Bank, you will have access to not only a convenient control and management tool, but also stand to gain a number of unique benefits for yourself, namely:

  • a Gold card
  • privileged client status
  • use of banking services, subject to special conditions

For Employees

The Bank is always ready to make special offers to employees with regards to banking products: lending and credit cards with reduced interest rates (lower than the current average), partners discounts under the Discount Card program, as well as a full range of up-to-date and convenient UniCredit Bank services.

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