Opening and Maintaining an Account

Today approx.70 of the 200 largest companies in Russia hold accounts and funds in UniCredit Bank.


Money Transfers

The funds available in your UniCredit Bank payments accounts may be used to make electronic payments to your contracting parties (legal entities and individuals).


Cash Services

Cash deposits and withdrawals in both roubles and foreign currency are available at UniCredit Bank. Clients may obtain bundles of banknotes packed by Goznak companies, institutions related to the Bank of Russia, or UniCredit Bank.


Cash management

UniCredit Bank offers its clients cash management products that are aimed at developing the best current asset management structure. This, in turn, enables companies to raise additional funds more efficiently.

Cash management service

One of the priority directions in the activity of the UniCredit Bank is working with the enterprises of small and medium business. Developed products, from cash management services to a variety of loan programs and remote banking services, focused on the specifics of the work of such companies and take into account the needs of their economic activity.

In their daily work, the specialists of the Bank are closely monitoring the latest trends of the market of financial services for businesses such forms of ownership and make the necessary changes in the products and services of the Bank.

Acknowledgement of successful work of UniCredit Bank in this direction are the hundreds of small and medium-sized business, including not only Russian companies, but also companies with mixed capital and foreign companies.

UniCredit Bank offers its services to legal entities related to opening and maintaining an account, in roubles and foreign currency.

We are listed among the top Russian banks in terms of the volume of funds invested from corporate clients. Today, approx. 70 of the 200 largest companies in Russia hold accounts and funds in UniCredit Bank.

Russian roubles and foreign currency payments accounts are available to non-resident legal entities.

Transactions to and from the accounts mentioned above are conducted in line with RF civil and banking legislation, acts issued by the Bank of Russia and other authorized public agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as the Bank’s regulations.

All payments with regard to accounts in roubles are made so as not to exceed the credit balance amount. Overdrafts are not available for rouble accounts. The Bank may provide overdrafts with regard to foreign currency accounts under the conditions additionally agreed by the parties in writing.

An account is managed based on instructions (applications) submitted by the client in writing.

Orders related to personal bank accounts are transferred to the Bank for their subsequent execution at the Bank’s branches or via the Business.Online e-banking system.

Your personal manager is always at your disposal to answer queries about your account balance and to keep you updated about current transactions.

For more details, please contact the UniCredit Bank Call Centre (Legal Entities Consulting Team) on: 8 800 700 10 20

The funds available in your UniCredit Bank payments accounts may be used to make electronic payments to your contracting parties (legal entities and individuals).

Money transfers in Russian roubles are completed using the Bank of Russia’s electronic funds transfer system, which allows clients’payment orders to be processed on the day they are received.

Foreign currency money transfers are made using the network of correspondent accounts available at UniCredit Bank, in all major world currencies in the largest foreign banks, providing the Bank’s clients with an opportunity to make payments to the funds’ recipients located anywhere in the world. The Bank credits the funds to the accounts of legal individuals on a free of charge basis. Money transfers to the accounts of individuals and legal entities held in UniCredit Bank are also free of charge. These money transfers are made in real time, even if the funds’ recipient holds an account in another branch of the Bank.

UniCredit Bank offers encashment services and cash delivery within Moscow. Encashment is performed by encashment unit of the Bank or a trusted organization acting in the name and on behalf of the Bank.

As a rule, medium- and large-sized holdings whose regional business units are serviced by ‘local’ banks, experience problems with the centralized management of cash flows generated by the holdings, as it is impossible for the accounts and budgets department in the corporate centre to promptly obtain all the information necessary to evaluate the liquidity of each company, that make up the holdings. This leads to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the holding’s use of its current assets.

UniCredit Bank operates a constantly expanding network of branch offices across Russia and offers a wide range of up-to-date products, which will help groups of companies solve the problem of the centralization of their accounts and budget management functions and enable them to ensure a more efficient cash assets turnover.

Cash management: выписки и отчеты

To enhance the efficiency of using the funds possessed by a holding, it is important to promptly obtain accurate and complete information about the state of liquidity of each company within the holding (group). UniCredit Bank offers three up-to-date and secure channels to obtain these account balance and cash flow statements:

A copy of the account balance exported in SWIFT MT940 format, provides clients with accurate and complete information about the statement of their affiliates’ accounts and related transactions, at any ooint in time that may be convenient (on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or if there have been any debits or credits to the account).

A cash flow statement exported in SWIFT MT942 format provides allows clients to obtain immediate information about any debits and credits to the affiliates’ accounts.

SWIFT MT940 and SWIFT MT942 messages may be forwarded to the client:

  • using the SWIFT channel via the recipient’s bank
  • using the Business.Online e-banking system — in the form of a text file which is very similar to the SWIFT message in terms of its structure.

With the help of the Business.Online e-banking system, clients may additionally obtain a copy of the account balance in the extended format, represented as a structured file containing their transaction details and the transaction details of the contracting party. The copy may be imported to a client’s accounting system.

In this case, the following formats are involved:

  • extended statement in text format — ЕХТ file
  • extended statement in xml format — XML file
  • statement in 1C format — TXT file
  • statement in HTML format

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