Cash management: выписки и отчеты

To enhance the efficiency of using the funds possessed by a holding, it is important to promptly obtain accurate and complete information about the state of liquidity of each company within the holding (group). UniCredit Bank offers three up-to-date and secure channels to obtain these account balance and cash flow statements:

A copy of the account balance exported in SWIFT MT940 format, provides clients with accurate and complete information about the statement of their affiliates’ accounts and related transactions, at any ooint in time that may be convenient (on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or if there have been any debits or credits to the account).

A cash flow statement exported in SWIFT MT942 format provides allows clients to obtain immediate information about any debits and credits to the affiliates’ accounts.

SWIFT MT940 and SWIFT MT942 messages may be forwarded to the client:

  • using the SWIFT channel via the recipient’s bank
  • using the Business.Online e-banking system — in the form of a text file which is very similar to the SWIFT message in terms of its structure.

With the help of the Business.Online e-banking system, clients may additionally obtain a copy of the account balance in the extended format, represented as a structured file containing their transaction details and the transaction details of the contracting party. The copy may be imported to a client’s accounting system.

In this case, the following formats are involved:

  • extended statement in text format — ЕХТ file
  • extended statement in xml format — XML file
  • statement in 1C format — TXT file
  • statement in HTML format

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