Loans for Small and Medium Business

Investment Loan

Investment loans for business development are granted for the purchase of commercial real estate, equipment, vehicles or other property to be used by the Borrower during their business activities or for refinancing the loans obtained from other banks.

Working Capital Loan

This loan is intended to replenish current assets due to season sales growth, business expansion, or financing the manufacturing cycle. This loan may also be used to refinance any outstanding loans from other banks, when UniCredit Bank provides better credit conditions.

Credit Facility

The credit facility is provided for short-term working capital financing, with an active debt management option.


An overdraft is provided to cover current payments, in the event of cash shortages during the course of business activities.

Car loan is intended for the purchase of motor vehicles and also special-purpose machinery; it is then to be used in the course of your business activity, with an option to use the purchased vehicle as collateral.

Uncovered Bank Guarantee

The bank guarantee is a tool securing the performance of obligations to contracting parties.

Equipment Loan

This loan is intended for the purchase of equipment, which is then to be used in the course of your business activity, with an option to use the purchased equipment as collateral.

How to apply?

To obtain the loan, it is necessary to:

  • open an account with UniCredit Bank
  • have at least 12 months’ successful operational experience in the market
  • fulfill current obligations to the budgets of all levels
  • have satisfactory financial indicators (in particular this means having no significant losses, quarterly receipts on settlement accounts that are at least equal to the principal, and a positive value of the net worth)

The following may serve as security for the loan:

  • plant and equipment, motor transport, real estate
  • inventory (mortgage of goods in circulation)
  • UniCredit Bank promissory notes
  • funds on guarantors’ accounts

Plant, equipment, motor transport and real estate can be evaluated either by the bank assessors or by an independent valuation company. Depending on the liquidity of the security, the value pledged ranges from 100% tо 200% of the principal.

The principal on the loan is repaid in accordance with an agreed time-scale that takes into account the particular features of the business receiving the loan. Interest is calculated on the actual amount of the loan and is paid by the client in monthly installments.

Subject to a positive credit history with UniCredit Bank, the principals of loans may be increased and preferential conditions may be granted. To obtain additional information and apply for a loan, any UniCredit Bank branch may be contacted.

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