Merchant Acquiring

UniCredit Bank is a partner of Russia's leading independent processing company United Card Service. Thanks to this partnership we provide you with high quality acquiring services.

What is the benefit of acquiring?

Acquiring is one of the most simple ways to optimize the company’s settlements. Accepting cards, you eliminate errors related to cash payments, reduce cash collection costs and accelerate cash cycle.

Acquiring may be considered as a way to increase trade turnover. Card payments will attract new customers. In addition, it will be more convenient for the customers to make major purchase, as a consequence the average total of receipts will increase.

Acquiring also improves the company's competitive ability. Your customers may be served more promptly and conveniently.


UniCredit Bank provides a full range of acquiring services:

  • installation and maintenance of POS-terminals and cash desk solutions for card acceptance;
  • remote servicing in the absence of the customer and without a card (mail/telephone order);
  • Internet acquiring — accepting payments through your website;
  • loyalty programs on the basis of acquiring equipment;
  • providing PayPass and PayWave proximity technologies;
  • gift cards issue;
  • arranging for payments to mobile operators.


Advantages of servicing by UniCredit Bank are:

  • quick start;
  • 24/7 help desk;
  • free personnel training at UCS training centre;
  • protecting the company’s interests in disputes with payment systems;
  • minimum transaction time;
  • flexible transaction reporting;
  • large variety of equipment connection types (Dial Up, GSM/GPRS, IP, EFT-POS solution);
  • possibility to reconcile and monitor settlements in a personal account at UCS web-site;
  • in case goods are returned transaction fee is also returned;
  • full compliance of technologies with PCI DSS safety standards.


How to start acquiring servicing?

Please contact your bank branch to enter into an acquiring agreement, select the required technologies and start to install hardware in sales points.

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