Currency Control, Conversion

  • advisory services with regard to the foreign exchange regulations
  • analysis of international contracts to assure their compliance with the requirements of the foreign exchange regulations, assistance with the drafting of international contracts
  • assistance in the development and execution of transaction certificates and other currency control documents
  • currency control with regard to foreign currency and Russian roubles exchange transactions
  • advisory services related to the performance and record of foreign exchange transactions using various methods of payment: via a letter of credit, collection of payment, or bank transfer
  • consulting clients during the process of drafting applications that are to be submitted to the currency control authorities to obtain the necessary explanations
  • advisory services to clients related to changes in the foreign exchange regulations, certain clarifications provided by the currency control authorities with regard to the practical application of currency control regulatory documents
  • currency sale for roubles to finance settlements in roubles;
  • currency purchase for roubles to pay for imported goods and services;
  • payment for imported goods and services, when the payment currency under the import contract is other than that of the payment account;
  • purchase of one foreign currency for another foreign currency to replenish an account in the purchased currency (e.g., to protect funds against depreciation as a result of changes in the exchange rates)
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