Business.Online system advantages

  • Fully conforms to Russian legislative requirements
  • Up-to-date security standards (eToken, SMS passwords)
  • Built-in templates for all types of documents, including those documents related to currency control
  • Real time availability of account balances and cash flow statements
  • Integration with accounting/ ERP systems for automatic document exchange
  • Flexible system of user rights assignment (safe import, access to documents, multilevel signature system, etc.)

How to connect

If you don`t use Bank’s remote services products, then to connect to Business.Online, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the agreement on connection to the system.
  2. Print the contract (in 2 copies) and list of authorized persons (in 1 copy), sign and send them to the Bank.
  3. In the Bank, you will get protected media (eTokens) for storing of digital signature keys of all users with the right to sign documents.

Within seven days, the Bank will create your connection to the system. All users, whose emails were specified in the agreement, will receive their personal logins, and an SMS with a password for the first login will be sent to their mobile phone.

How can you start using it

Go to the Business.Online system home page which can be accessed through the  Bank’s website or at, entering your login and password.

1 Banking services via «Business.Online» system RUB 1 000 per month Commission under this item shall not be charged to the clients those have no settlement accounts with the Bank.
1.1. Using special functionality of «Business.Online» system RUB 2 000 per month The commission under this sub-item is charged additionally to the commission under item 1.
2 Banking services via «IMB-Link»/ «Internet-Bank-Client iBank2» system RUB 1 000 per month Commission is not applicable in case «IMB-Link»/ «Internet-Bank-Client iBank2» system is used along with «Business.Online» system.
3 Training, instructing on the running of the Remote Bank Service Systems free of charge When a visit of the Bank’s specialist outside Moscow region is required, the commission is charged as per item 4 of this Section.
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