UniCredit Bank collection services ensures that cash transactions are performed with a high level of safety standards.

UniCredit Bank renders the following services:

  • collection from sales points; cash counting and delivery; crediting cash to the company’s account;
  • “end-to-end” collection with crediting all of collected funds (including funds collected in the Regions) to the single account of the company;


What are the advantages of UniCredit Bank collection?

  • high level of service that meets the standards of UniCredit Group;
  • PaRTner solution allows to automatically reconcile incoming payments and provides information on proceeds by each point of sales;
  • flexible collection tariffs and schedules tailored to our customers’ business.

For more information on UniCredit Bank collection services please contact the Cash Management Department.

Mobile Phones
Mobile.UniCredit is a mobile application developed specially for mobile devices based on Android and iOS (iPhone) with consideration of all their features to provide you with maximum useful information and functions which are intended to make your communication with UniCredit Bank even more comfortable.
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