UniCredit Bank offers a solution for businesses which involves processing of a large number of payments. This is PaRTner, automatic identification technology of incoming payments.


How does it work?

Your company has one settlement account. As part of PaRTner solution, the Bank generates several virtual accounts and links them to your settlement account. Each virtual account has its own identification number. These accounts may be used to distinguish between payments of different counterparties, distinguish debtors of one branch from other branches debtors, etc.

Now your counterparties specify as a beneficiary account an identification number assigned to them and not the general settlement account of the company. Payments are credited to the general settlement account, a statement reflects all virtual accounts transactions and the identification number is stored in a separate field of the statement.

This results in complete control over the debtors payments, streamlined workflow and automatic reconciliation of incoming revenue.

To make use of this solution please contact the bank branch to enter into an additional agreement.

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